Order a taxi on the territory of Sofia

Taxi button on public places

Yellow taxi offers its clients an easy and convenient way to order a taxi - Taxi Button. This is a device that can be installed in different institutions and organizations.

Payment with credit and debit cards

The Pos terminals work with all types of credit and debit cards, except American Express.

Online order on taxi car

The online order service is used primarily by customers who wish to follow the journey of the taxi to the final destination. Often these are parents or business partners.

Mobile application

Use Yellow Taxi mobile application to order a taxi easily and conveniently. Our mobile application has many advantages developed for your convenience.

Phone Order on taxi car

To order a taxi from taxi company Yellow taxi, you can call one of the following telephone numbers: 02/91119, 02/4911108, 1219 (No additional impulses for all mobile operators).


    Yellow 333 AD offers leasing of new cars with low initial fee and a grace period. The weekly lease payment is consistent with the guaranteed turnover of every taxi driver. Become part of our team and ask for your discount.

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    "Yellow 333 AD is a taxi company, a leader in providing quality and comfortable taxi service. Each lessee is valued customer of the company and can use all privileges. Become part of our team and ask for your discount."

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