How to order a Yellow taxi by phone?

To book a Yellow Taxi cab in Sofia, you can call one of the following telephone numbers:

02/91119; 02/491 1108 or 1219 (no additional charge for all mobile operators).

After submitting your call at our Call center, your booking will be processed with the assistance of automatic GPS system.

In case you have already used our services, you only have to confirm your destination.

In case you haven`t order a taxi from us yet, our dispatchers will ask for your accurate address or current location.

Our service - Ring Back allows our drivers to inform their clients when they are at the address. This is possible thanks to the automatic GPS system of Autocab.

When the driver gives command Ring Back:

  • You are going to receive a call from number 4 911109 on your phone. It is not required to pick up the phone;
  • If you use landline phone, you will hear electronic voice in English;
  • If you just expect a notification call that your cab is on the address, it is not required to pick up the phone yet again.

Yellow Taxi does not charge the transportation of pets, but when you book you must inform the dispatcher what pet you would like to transport, its size and whether you have to carry it with or without cage.

 * For quality and control purposes Yellow Taxi records all conversations.