Order a taxi

Order a taxi


Order by phone

Call us on one of the following phone numbers to order a taxi: 02/9111902/4911108, as well on 1219 without additional charges for all mobile operators.


Mobile app


Use Yellow’s mobile app to order a taxi quick and easy.

The mobile app has various advantages, developed specially to make your life easier.

Download for Android и IOS


Facebook messenger

Visit our Facebook page  Yellow Taxi 91119 and click on sending us a message! You are ready to order a taxi. Just follow our steps and answer the questions.


Online via our website

Clients who book through Yellow Taxi 333's online platform  usually want to track the vehicle to the end destination. Often, these clients are business partners or parents. 

Our taxi services are operated with brand new and well maintained cars of the brand KIA. The cabs are equipped with protective shields between the driver and the customers and all necessary protection staff as hand sanitizers, masks etc. to guarantee the secure travel of our clients