Taxi Button by Yellow Taxi

Where is the Taxi Button intended for?

Yellow taxi offers its clients an easy and convenient way to order a taxi - Taxi Button. This is a device that can be installed in different institutions and organizations:

• hospitals;

• hotels;

• restaurants;

• financial institutions;

• sports halls;

• night clubs;

• malls;

• state-owned enterprises;

• companies;

• etc.

How does the Taxi button work?

• Yellow taxi  puts the button in a place convenient for your customer.

• The button is then connected to the dispatch center of Yellow taxi.

• The order is made by pushing the button. 

• With the Taxi button, you will receive real information about the driver and the arrival time of the ordered taxi. 

• You will get the closest taxi car. 

What does it save you?

• Complications during ordering. 

• Time for calls and explanations. 

• Search for taxi stops. 

• Phone call fee.