Yellow 333 AD ensures the safety of its customers

Yellow 333 AD ensures the safety of its customers. How?

• All seats in our taxis are insured.

• All orders can be traced from the call received in the call center of Yellow 333 AD to the final destination.

• Any taxi in the system can be traced both in real time and for a previous period.

• After providing legitimate documents, all drivers receive an official RFID card with a photo and their name.

• The documents of all drivers are checked once per month.

• The technical condition of all cars of Yellow! is checked once per month.

• The inside and outside look of the cars is checked once per month.

• The limitation period of the drivers’ documents is also monitored.

• All documents of the taxis, such as taxes, insurance and other are monitored for expiration of the limitation period.

• All found and unclaimed items are kept in the office of Yellow 333 AD within a month.

• We do not issue details for our clients’ orders to third parties.