Yellow!-Pokemon Taxi

As the most social taxi company, Yellow! has decided to provide its customers with Pokemon Taxi service and to dive in the whirl of the raising euphoria around this funny game. The frequent accidents, caused by the distraction during driving and the gazing in the game during daily walk, could lead to serious premise for injuries. These are just a few of the reasons for which our company has decided to introduce such kind of comparable service – this is how we are showing yet again that we can stand proud next to the other big international taxi companies. Yellow! has a large number of vehicles which are not going to execute only the standard services for the sphere, but will try to provide the safety around this growing euphoria. For quite short period of time, this game reached the thinking of many people around the wide world. From one simple amusement, this game had become a huge phenomenon with quite a number of followers. With the increase of the interest in Pokemon Go, we would like to offer you to benefit from our unique service by booking one of our vehicles for 25 leva per hour. In the Pokemon Taxi vehicles you can pay both ways – cash or with a card. We would like to remind you that our cars are equipped with POS terminals, which allows contactless payment. To book Pokemon Taxi, call our Call center on 1219 (for all Mobile operators) or on number 02/91119, ask for the Pokemon Taxi service and confirm way of payment.

The taxi driver stays focused on the driving and you – on catching Pokemons!

  • 1 professional taxi driver.
  • Up to 4 Pokemon players.
  • 25 leva per one hour for unlimited run in Sofia.