to Rome, Berlin and London

Taxi with a terminal to Rome, Berlin and London

Is it really possible? Of course, if the cab is Yellow! cab.

How to apply?

Pay contactless with Mastercard® in Yellow! during August and September and accumulate a total amount of at least 20 lv.

What to expect?

Unforgettable trips for two to Rome, Berlin or London by choice. The prize draw of the big award will take place every month. Every week two of the passengers who made at least one contactless payment, have the opportunity to go on a tasteful culinary journey in a restaurant with foreign cuisine.

How to execute contactless payment?

You have to follow only these three simple steps.

  1. Check whether your Mastercard® has the contactless payment symbol.
  2. Approach the card closer to the POS terminal. Entering the PIN code is not required for amounts up to 25 lv.
  3. To complete the payment, wait for the light to become green and listen to the sound signal.

How to book a vehicle with terminal?

Book a Yellow! with POS terminal on number 1219 or via our Mobile app.

You will recognize it by the designated labels on the side doors of the vehicle.


Enjoy your journey with Yellow! and Mastercard®!