About Yellow Taxi 333

Yellow Taxi company was founded in 1998 in the city of Sofia. Over the years, it managed not only to impose on the market, but also to become a preferred brand among the customers.

Today the company has over 1,300 taxis that care for the quick and fair service of the clients. We were able to introduce payment with POS terminal and more than 12,000 of our customers already use this service.

One of the main priorities of Yellow Taxi are eco rides. If you want to ride in an electric vehicle, you can do it. After successfully passing several months of tests, the electrical taxi of Yellow Taxi began to offer its services in Sofia. Thus, the Bulgarian capital ranks among a number of European cities with electric taxis.

To help our customers, we developed and implemented in our activities a GPS system and an option for online orders. Customers with smartphones can use our convenient mobile application "Yellow Taxi 91119".

Over the years, the company built numerous partnerships with various organizations and companies that rely on Yellow Taxi 333 for the development of their businesses.

The company is ISO 9001 certified, which ensures its quality services and the satisfaction of the customers, drivers and employees.