ECO Drive Bulgaria 2016

The first 100% electric taxi from Yellow! 333 has made its maiden appearance in ECO competition and has won its first big award!


One unique competition had started on the 17th of June 2016 in Bulgaria – on this competition it didn`t matter who is FASTER or more Powerful, but it did matter who is most economical.

Our electric taxi had faced its first competition and has won the first place for most ECONOMICAL vehicle for 2016 in the “ECO drive Bulgaria 2016” competition.

The contest has opened its stage for all types of vehicles, irrespective of how FAST or POWERFUL they were. Our fellow colleague Peter Hristov was behind the wheel – while in perfect symbiosis with the electric car, he managed to take the lead before the tens of competitors and succeeded in elapsing hundreds of kilometers with minimal amount of energy.

Sponsors of the event were “Club Autosport BRC Bulgaria” and the stages through which the contestants had to pass were three:

First stage: Main route: Sofia – Pamporovo – Bansko – Sofia 1. First stage distance - 234 km, driven on the 17th of June 2016. For the Sofia – Pamporovo stage, the contestants had to follow the route: Sofia – Plovdiv – Asenovgrad – Pamporovo;

Second stage: Pamporovo – Bansko. Second stage distance – 165 km, driven on the 18th of June 2016. For the Pamporovo – Bansko stage, the contestants had to follow the route:  Pamporovo – Dospat – Goce Delchev – Bansko;

Third stage: Bansko – Sofia. Third stage distance – 156 km, driven on the 19th of June 2016. For the Bansko – Sofia 1 stage, the contestants had to follow the route: Bansko – Simitli – Blagoevgrad – Sofia 1.

Our electric vehicle, under number 207 in the competition, managed to succeed in passing this whole 560 km distance for 54 kWh for the amount of only 10,80 lv.!